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●   POND, WATER TROUGH, VERTICAL PLANTING – all at The Lamb Garden, Totnes!


Planting up a Water Trough for the Old Market
The Lamb [water trough] planter was installed to tie in the adjoining Old Market car park with our community garden: both historic site of the lamb and sheep market


Vertical planting with a Pallet
At a Monday session, garden tutor, Caz Wakelin, introduced a fantastic vertical planter as a new addition to the garden for food-growing. With participants on Monday, some simple steps created this easy-to-make planter.


Wildlife Pond with a Tyre and Barrel
Earlier in June 2014, a wildlife pond was added at The Lamb to encourage beneficial insects to do the pest control jobs on our behalf. Made from a tractor tyre and wooden barrel, it has been lovingly crafted by Gardening for Health participants; to include unusual edible water plants.

  • We need your help. Most of our funding has been for the initial stages of setting up Gardening for Health (Totnes Healthy Futures as it was known as then). Funding to enable us to continue our activities, has been difficult to obtain which is a phenomenon experienced by almost all community organisations. We are not asking for big sums – £5 would help. Click here for mor information on how you can help to ensure that this great venture continues to enhance the quality of living in Totnes.
  • Click here to read 5 Ways to Well-being, a personal testimonial to the benefits derived from getting involved with gardening at the Lamb, kindly approved for reproducing by Be Involved Devon, in whose September Newsletter this first appeared.

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"Gardening for Health's Lamb Garden saw its end of year final harvesting celebration on Monday. Rowan, the garden tutor, organised us to harvest artichokes, leeks, carrots, potatoes, garlic and herbs for the soup. Then we set to scrubbing, peeling and chopping. More chopping for the hot spiced apple juice. Rosemary bread flavoured with red bramley apple and beetroot, made that morning, fortified us all for tidying up the garden. Basil helped put up the fairy lights round the potting shed. His mother Mrs Plum raked up dead leaves with Marigold, visiting from Spain to learn about community gardens. Mr Quince and his son Willow dug up weeds from the path. Honorary Granny Sage brought grandchildren Nigella and Primrose, who dug carrots with tiny spades and played with Willow and her daughter Marjoram. Hazel the Forest School tutor played with them among the fruit bushes. Burnet photographed us when the fairy lights were switched on. Although the skies were dark, the wind blustery and the awning was carried away, we carried on till lighting-up time at five o'clock."