Minutes of a meeting for Gardening For Health Steering Group

Held on Monday, 6th February 2017 at 5pm in Bay Horse Inn, Totnes.


Present: Catherine Munro, Seema, Rosemary Burn.

1. Apologies: Caz Wakelin

2. Funding: The project has received a total of £5K in funding. The Big Lottery Awards For All Fund has given £3K for the main programme this year, Cllr Robert Vint’s Devon County Council fund has provided £1.5K for the school gardening programme. Totnes Town Council have secured £500 for maintenance and repair works via the Devon County Council in partnership with South Hams District Council. There are some terms and conditions relating to how the money can be spent and by when. Publicity must also mention and use logos of the funders. There is a potential for a further £750 to be raised through a bench sponsorship, but clarity on the licence for the Lamb is being checked first. The Totnes Trust will continue to make application bids, including Devon Community Foundation, the Community Reinvestment Projects Fund.

The Bay Horse Inn pub quiz is booked up until 2018, so will not be a revenue source.

Budget: Fees for the year can be covered, but there is a small budget for plants, seeds etc.

3. School Gardening Programme

Seema began at the Lamb in January with year 3 and 4 pupils. The sessions are going well and Seema and the school happy with progress. Seema suggested asking the School if their newsletter to parents could include a recipe. Also to help promote the Monday sessions to parents.

4. Lamb Garden Planning

Caz has sadly pulled out of running the sessions for the year, due to health. The 2017 programme recommences on February 20th. A new garden tutor will be need to be employed. Seema has indicated a possibility that she could lead the sessions. She will also speak to Mel Harvey and Zoe Jong about assisting with the role. Ideally, one person who can provide continuity is being sought to deliver the sessions.

Last year’s sessions saw 35 people, in addition to the sixty school children attending. This year a workshop programme will also be made possible, so that skillshares can take place at The Lamb garden. In six years, the G4H programme has welcomed 600 people to a session, workshop or school class.

5. Publicity & Outreach

Posters for the 2017 programme have been printed and ready for distribution. A list of suitable outlets was drawn up. The poster will also be emailed out to various groups and centres, such as Caring Town Totnes of which G4H is a member. The website has been updated and will include details of the new funding. A press release is also be prepared, which will mention the funding, new start date, numbers on the programme since launch in 2011. A photograph for the press release [and for use by Cllr Vint] is to take place tomorrow at the school garden session with Seema. Catherine will continue with the seasonal newsletter this year. Wendy Stayte of TTT has prepared a list of all the gardening volunteer dates, for circulation. Foxhole Community Garden may also be prepared to signpost to the Lamb, and we can have leaflets from them on their project. Rosemary will speak to the Totnes Library about having a poster, perhaps even themed gardening and health book area to highlight the project. The idea to have bookmarks for use in publicity was discussed.

6. Totnes Trust

Sue Holmes is currently seeking to work on establishing the ownership of the garden area at the Totnes Hospital site. Details from the Land Registry have been obtained, which are being looked at. Potentially, there idea is to develop a second garden for G4H which would be established at this site.

Totnes Trust have indicated that they would like to hand on the project as their remit is to set up and not run projects. A sub-group committee meeting to discuss G4H is taking place for Trustees in a couple of weeks, at which Catherine and Sue will be attending. Ideas for governance will be raised and discussed. Totnes Trust have said they will continue to take care of the administrative and financial responsibilities for the G4H project for this year, or until a resolution is found. All G4H funding has been awarded in their name, as the acting responsible charity for the G4H project.

7. AOB.

Maintenance/repairs: As stipulated in the Town Council grant, money for some repairs and items is now available. The major repair needed will be the raised vegetable beds [which had a one year guarantee from Earthwrights in 2010/11]. Three corners are rotten and need fixing. It is unknown if the metal troughs purchased can still be included in this grant, so this will be checked with Jeremy Logie, Treasurer at the Totnes Trust. Other repairs would be a replacement to the indoor tap so it is compatible to a garden hose connector. A third compost bin would also be added. Details of the original grant application are with Ed Vidler who has now left the Trust, so Sue is chasing up all the G4H documents.

Anna Thompson, nutritionalist, is back in Totnes and Catherine has been in touch about use of her recipes on the website. Anna has suggested doing some more recipes.

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